Ecofees And The Food Processing Industry

Managing ecofees is no easy task!

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Environmental Compliance Is More Complex Than It Seems.

As an example, let’s analyze a box of cookies:

The packaging and recyclable materials of an agrifood product may be subject to ecofees in each province or country where it is sold.

In Canada, your organization must therefore declare to:





Régime de compensation pour la collecte sélective

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ)


Blue Box

Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA)

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC, and Ontario*

Blue Box

Circular Materials (CM)

New Brunswick

Blue Box

Circular Materials Atlantic (CM)

*The province of Ontario is in program transition from 2023-2025

Reduce the scope, cost, and complexity of your ecofees.

Entrust its management to Evnia, environmental compliance simplified.

A true reference in North America for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and environmental stewardship programs, Evnia has been helping companies for more than 15 years to simplify the management of their environmental obligations and ensure reporting compliance.

Our team of expert ecofiscalists provides companies with a turnkey service for managing ecofees, regulatory research and analysis of reporting processes, in addition to an external audit service recognized by Canadian organizations.

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