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The retailer’s challenge: Multiple products. Multiple suppliers.

Ecofees management is a major challenge for retailers. Each product is subject to its own compensation Stewardship program or Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). The management of ecofees can quickly become a complex and costly workload.

Overcome the complexity of your environmental obligations.

To simplify their processes, many retailers incorporate packaging into their calculations that has already been declared by their suppliers or the totality of the packaging without considering losses taking place in stores. Therefore, unnecessarily increasing their contributions.


Improvised calculations
and thousands of dollars in


More than specialists in environmental compliance, we are a partner that businesses can rely on to guide them through different Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and environmental stewardship programs. We have in-depth knowledge in environmental obligations, and we understand the issues and their repercussions on your business.

Is your business required to file ecofee reports?

Many smaller retailers neglect to fulfill their compliance obligations



Identify the gaps, anomalies, and errors that could lead to significant discrepancies in your contributions.

Our team is known for mastering the data processing used to calculate ecofees. Over the years, we have developed an effective methodology for collecting and calculating data, which increases data accuracy, giving companies better control of their ecofees and helping to identify opportunities to reduce contributions.
  • Reduction of costs and workload
  • Simplification of processes
  • Ensured compliance and fair payments
  • Respected deadlines
  • Data accuracy and identified opportunities to save
  • Single billing for all provinces


40,000 products
from over
300 suppliers

A complex process—simplified!

The retail industry is all about selling a multitude of products from a variety of suppliers under the same banner established throughout the province, and also elsewhere in Canada. This creates a major challenge when it comes time to fill out sales reports for declaring containers, packaging, and printed materials brought to market during the year. Read the full case study. Read the full case study.

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