Find Your Way Around the Acronyms!

In all domains, there are distinctive acronyms and environmental compliance is no exception! Particularly in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), there are many acronyms that can be complex for a neophyte to understand.

Let’s look at the main ones that can help you in the coming weeks, knowing that there will be annual declarations to be made in the Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) sector.


To begin, let’s talk about PROs (Producer Responsibility Organization). These are organizations that have been designated by governments or agencies to represent the companies that market the products. These organizations are responsible for helping you achieve your regulatory requirements related to an EPR program. For example, in Ontario, you will have to choose in the coming months which PRO will represent you for the management of the PPP program that is enforced by the regulator RPRA (Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority).

With the PPP declarations that will have to be filed in the coming months, both in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and New Brunswick – without forgetting Alberta in the near future), let’s talk about acronyms related to them.

Calculation And Methodology

To calculate the marketed products and their packaging with the purpose to declare the marketed materials, you can use BOM, ABOM or a combination of these methods. Using the Bill of Material (BOM) implies that you have all the necessary data concerning the products: in addition to their description and the quantities sold, you have also classified the materials that compose them and obtained the exact weight of each of them. Another methodology accepted by agencies is the Average Bill of Material (ABOM), which involves having all the information on only a certain portion of products and developing a methodology so that the information you have is representative for all the products marketed.

Do You Find This Complex?

Perhaps you are registered with a PRO but are still having questions about calculating your PPP, or maybe you are not yet registered in the province where you are selling your products. In any case, Evnia can provide advice on all elements concerning EPR-related declarations.

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