Plastic Recycling and Ecofees: Crucial Issues for the Retail Industry

From June 4th to 10th, 2023, we celebrate Canadian Environment Week, an opportunity to reflect on the impact of our activities on the planet and take measures to protect it. Among the most urgent environmental issues is plastic recycling, a material that is invading our oceans, soils, and landfills. It is also the theme of this year, calling for global action to end plastic pollution.

Alarming Figures

The retail industry is directly affected by this issue as it uses a large amount of plastic for packaging and transporting its products. According to Statistics Canada, the country produced approximately 6.3 million tonnes of plastic in 2018, of which 35% came from packaging.

In light of this, it is essential for retail industry businesses to reduce their plastic consumption and increase their recycling rates. To achieve this, simple daily actions must be taken, such as avoiding single-use products and favoring recyclable or compostable packaging.

Extended Producer Responsibility

It is also important to be aware of the legal obligations related to recycling and ecofees management. Ecofees are what businesses must pay to fund the collection and processing of products they put on the market as part of Extended Producer Responsibility programs. In the country, several organizations exist to manage different programs.

Retail businesses must therefore register with various agencies and report the quantities and types of materials they market. They must also make a financial contribution proportionate to their share of responsibility in the production of waste materials. The rules and fees vary depending on the type and weight of materials, as well as their recycling rates.

Ecofees: A Headache?

Several pieces of information and calculations are necessary to accurately determine the amounts to be paid and the materials to be reported because, in addition to packaging, what you market often contains other materials and products that require the production of ecofees reports. Your company must also produce reports for each province where your products are sold. Managing this can be a real puzzle for organizations, but expert consulting firms like Evnia are available to guide you through this process.

Just like ecofees management, plastic recycling is a crucial issue for the retail industry. During this Canadian Environment Week, it is crucial to act collectively to reduce our ecological footprint. And to gain clarity, trust experts. Contact Evnia and reduce the scope, cost, and complexity of your ecofees!