40,000 products
from over 300 suppliers

A complex process—simplified!

The challenge

The retail industry is all about selling a multitude of products from a variety of suppliers under the same banner established throughout the province, and also elsewhere in Canada. This creates a major challenge when it comes time to fill out sales reports for declaring containers, packaging, and printed materials brought to market during the year. Read the full case study.

Here is a concrete example of how complicated the process can be:
One of our clients, a retailer, sells more than 40,000 different products from at least 300 suppliers. Some of the suppliers have locations in several provinces, some do not. To be compliant, the business must file precise CP&PM declara-tions with two organizations covering several Canadian provinces: the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) and Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ). It must also compile and analyze the data to make sure it does not overestimate the eco-fees it needs to pay.

The solution

We've developed a unique internal tool to meet this type of challenge: Steward6. This eco-fee management system can easily be adapted to different realities, sectors and clienteles. Drawing on our expertise and this high-tech tool, we have succeeded in simplifying the eco-fee reporting process. To support the abovementioned retailer, we developed and implemented a personalized module for communicating with suppliers. This makes it easy to:

  • Identify which supplier declares in which province;
  • Get information on the PPP the suppliers use for the products the retailer sells;
  • Conduct regular monitoring;
  • Complete the company’s database;
  • Cross-check and analyze the data re-ceived;
  • Develop a suitable, accurate calculation methodology to produce reports on the PPP the retailer is responsible for;
  • File reports in the Canadian provinces that require it.

"Thanks to software solution, the above client has gone from a complex, difficult process to a simple one that minimizes the risk of errors and confusion, even with a growing number of products and suppliers."