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Our audits aim to assess the accuracy and reliability of your data as well as the methodology used for the production of your reports. This verification process ensures that your reporting complies with the current regulations and that the contribution amounts are fair.
  • Validation of data collection and calculation methods
  • Identification of applicable regulations
  • Compilation and analyses of existing information
  • Compliance verifications against current regulations and legislations
  • Development of relevant metrics to ensure comparability


40,000 products
from over
300 suppliers

A complex process—simplified!

The retail industry is all about selling a multitude of products from a variety of suppliers under the same banner established throughout the province, and also elsewhere in Canada. This creates a major challenge when it comes time to fill out sales reports for declaring containers, packaging, and printed materials brought to market during the year. Read the full case study. Read the full case study.

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Our services aim to help and support businesses that are legally subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and environmental stewardship programs.

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